MInecraft: More…

MInecraft: More addictive than lemonade.

And I LOVE lemonade.


Herpaderp City

You’re probably like wat.


Well, my fellow Pineapples. Today I am beginning a project on Minecraft in which I transform an island into ‘Herpaderp Island’.

No, I don’t know why. BUT it will have many things.

Maybe a large shark, rollercoaster, a bike that is a hotel, maybe a taco shop inside of a large taco.

I will be updating this post to show the island, possibly even record a video somehow.


Note: This is a .gif, so you may watch it from a random point in the video. Sorry!

Note: This is a .gif, so you may watch it from a random point in the video. Sorry!

Interview With The Silverfish

ImageHello, people who view my posts! ImJustAPineapple here with some news. First, I have 144 views in the US, 2 views in Australia, 2 views in Great Britain (Doctor Who ftw), and 1 view from Croatia (I bet it is a really nice place, sorry I haven’t heard of it). Woot!

Today I am here with Louis the Silverfish.

How ya doing, Louis?
Terrible. I hope you are too.

Th-thanks…? So, Mr. Sacchrina, how do you spend most of your days?

Normally I hide in stronghold walls to kill idiot miners like you. Also, I like to hide in mountains so people will think they found the End. Really, they just ran into me and my fellow murderers.

Uh…okay…? Anyway, what is your favorite other mob?

Slimes. We both hide in the depths of caves, awaiting to pounce upon our pray, crushing their hopes and dr-

OKAY THAT’S ENOUGH. Last question: How do you fit inside of blocks?

We nestle in and dig small little holes. We seal it with spider’s webs and the shards of stone. Once a miner breaks our home, we literally dive-bomb. Like how I could do now.

Wait, what are y-

*Please stand by*


How to Jazz Up Your Home


What? Did I just hear that ImJustAPineapple is posting? It is true!

Now, I am a huge decorator. I decided to spill some secrets and tips I use to make my house better.

1. Nice lighting

I usually use glowstone/redstone lamps surrounded by trapdoors to make it look like a nice lamp.


2. Item frames

Put some nice foliage or a block you like in a frame. Maps look super cool now, too!



3. Signs

I use signs everywhere: as drawers, faces, couch edges.


4. Paintings

I love to use paintings and like to use them as secret entrances. I also use them as computers (like maps).


5. Flower pots

I like flowers. I enjoy making cool patterns, or putting them on a bookshelf with trapdoors.


6. Mob Heads

Think of it like a bear head on your wall. But less realistic.


7. Glass

Stained glass opened up a new doorway to decorate. Use it in front of lighting, water, lava, and so on. Even plants look nice behind it!


Next I will show you some screenshots of stuff I have made including other ideas.

Clock Item Frame

Alexis Item Frames

My Item Frames

BEd in HEad

Desk in Head

Ship Skull








Top Five (Surprising) Villages

Hey guys, ImJustAPineapple here!
Today I will be describing 5 weird, unnatural, awesome villages.
1-The Rich Man’s Village: They had enough obsidian to make a nether portal and about 5 diamonds. And some iron armor and food.
2-The Edge of Glory: It’s on the edge of the world, so the farm is in half, there is one intact house, and the other one is in half as well.
3-The Death Wish: There is a giant cave in front of one house. It has some iron as well, but you find about 3 villagers just…stuck.
4-Atlantis: It’s partially in the ocean, but some is underwater. There are no villagers. The loot in the blacksmith is crappy, too.
5-The ‘We Trade Good Stuff’ Village: The villagers ACTUALLY HAVE GOOD TRADES. Also, they have 2 blacksmiths with some pretty legit loot.

Hope you enjoyed this blog, and like if you did! Comment to suggest some post ideas.
Pineapple OUT! ❤

Minecraft Failure 1: Witches


This is ImJustAPineapple. I’m sorry for trying to kill skeletons for making a farm. MAYBE IF YOU STAYED IN HUTS I WOULDN’T HATE YOU. You’ve poisoned me, trapped me, and hurt meh feelz. WHY U DO DIS?!?!

Please have a screwed up fantastic day, I hate like your robe and hat.

                                                                                         Sincerely, IJAP